The Ministry of Social Affairs implements laws and regulations on housing, and is in charge of policy-making.

The Act on housing affairs, No. 44/1998, which took effect on 1st January 1999, makes provisions for the administrative structure in the housing sphere, under the overall control of the Minister of Social Affairs.

Under the Act, an independent state body, the Housing Financing Fund, handles the control and administration of housing issues on behalf of the minister.

Each local authority is responsible for meeting the housing needs of those of its inhabitants who need assistance in securing housing, and is to take the initiative on doing so. For this purpose, the local authority is required to monitor the housing needs in the area. Housing committees in each area are in charge of the management and co-ordination of measures taken on housing by the local authorities.

The Minister of Social Affairs has appointed a Housing Affairs Complaint Committee under Article 41 of the Housing Act, No. 44/1998. The tribunal makes rulings on disputes arising from decisions taken by the board of the Housing Loan Fund and the housing committees appointed under the Act.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for applying the Rent Act, No. 36/1994. The minister appoints a rent tribunal, which gives opinions on disputes between the parties to a rental agreement on how it is to be applied.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for applying the Rent Supplements Act, No. 138/1997. The local authorities pay housing allowances, with the social welfare committees generally processing applications.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is responsible for applying the Multi-Owner Buildings Act No. 26/1994. The minister appoints a Multi-Owner Buildings Complaint Committee, which gives opinions in cases involving disputes between the owners of multi-owner buildings regarding their rights and obligations.

English Lease - Residential premises (updatet: June 27th 2016)

Polish Lease - Residential premises  (updatet - July 2016t)

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