Nordic Welfare Watch

Social Services in Times of Disaster - Multidisciplinary Nordic Symposium - 4.6.2015

The Nordic Welfare Wath - in Response to Crisis) and NSSA (The Nordic Social Security Academy) co-hosted the symposium Social Services in Times of Disaster in Reykjavík, May 4-5, 2015.

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Policy on alcohol and drug prevention, 2020 - 21.2.2014

The Minister of Health has approved a policy until 2020 on alcohol and drug prevention. Quantifiable targets will be defined on the basis of this policy and a plan of action will be drawn up to work towards achieving them. The policy covers consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs as well as abuse of prescription drugs which can lead to addiction and dependency.

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How Safe are We? Conference of the Directorate of Health on Patient Safety - 9.9.2013

„Although we have for years been in a good position by international standards, it must be said that there are issues at hand that must be dealt with.“ Address on behalf of the Minister of Health, Kristján Þór Júlíusson.
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Brochure on domestic violence - 4.7.2013

The Ministry of Welfare and municipalities in Suðurnes region have published a brochure entitled Is domestic violence a part of your life? that has been distributed to every home in Suðurnes region. The brochure is a part of a vigilance campaign in Suðurnes region to prevent violence against women.

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